The universe we live in

What is a universe? Whatever it is, it is something in which we exist. If it is different universes with different laws existing parallel to each other, they, again, have to have a connection. It is impossible for two things to exist completely separated from each other. So, the right word that we need, if you ask me, is a dimension. Our universe can be both united but still separated in different dimensions, that could make it a multiverse. Even on earth, we have different dimensions, for example a life in the water and seas and on the ground. Similarly, some beings could possibly live on the sun, in their own dimensions. The perception and experience of time and space could also be different in different dimensions. In a way, our universe could be like a one huge room separated in itself by different section of mirrors. That’s a metaphor I always liked. We are at one exact spot every time, but we are separated from the center by different rows of mirrors that reflect both sides of the space they separate. And each step closer to the center, the image we see is clearer, because it is distorted by less layers of glass. And that centar is literally everywhere. And it is also inside us, in our own soul, or mind, however you wish to call it. Not just that we live in a universe (or multiverse), we are the universe. šŸ™‚ And how we change our perception and become more our true selves, we get closer to the center and see it more clearly, case there are less layers of glass that separate us.


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