Israel on EFC and Eurosong

There is one thing I ask myself (although I know the answer to that question), and the question is: What is Israel doing on European football championship and on Eurosong? Isn’t Israel in Asia? When we have the situation where non-European countries can join this competitions, we might as well let Saudi Arabia in our female football championship, then we could have 11 man dressed as women in niqabs scoring all the records there are. 😀 Well, let aside the jokes, I have nothing against Israel being on these championships. But I would add one criteria in order for Israel to be allowed to participate: On all of these competitions, we would have to have Palestine as well. It would be interesting to see when Israel and Palestine would find themselves in a football match, I wonder would Israel occupy Palestinian half of the terrain, brought more players together with standard eleven and populate them in the Palestinian half, claiming it’s all Israel’s territory and there is no Palestine.

Let aside the humour in this text. The fact that Israel participates in these competitions is an example in which we can see all that is wrong in their politics. The country denies it’s own identity as a middle eastern country and cooperation with its surrounding, and together with that, they refuse to withdraw from Palestinian territory. Keeping the situation that way, they have no other option but to avoid any communication with their neighbours.

P.S. Sometimes I have great ideas for stand up or posts while in sleep, this is one of them. I thought of this in my dreams, while still sleeping, and remembered it when I woke up. 🙂

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