Tin Ujevic: my favourite ex Yugoslavian poet


Tonight, my forehead gleams
and sweat drips in each eye;
my thoughts blaze through dreams,
tonight, of beauty I shall die.

The soul’s core is pure passion, deep
in the pit of night, a blazing cone.
Hush, weep in silence. Let us weep
and let us die. We’ll die alone.

A brotherhood of faces in the universe

Don’t fear! You’re not alone! There are others beside you
Which, live your life unknown by you,
And all of that which you were, you heard and dreamt
Burns in them with the same ember, beauty, and pureness.

Don’t be proud-spirited, your thoughts are not just your own. They live in others.
We all walked the same paths in the dark,
We all equally roamed in the mark
of seeking, and all are equally admirable.

With everyone you share something, and more of you are the same.
And know it is so from the times ancient old,
And all of us repeat, the great and the pure,
Like children which don’t even know their names yet.

And our strength, and our sins, others share with us,
and our very dreams are from the common well.
And the food of our soul is from the everyone’s bowl,
and the selfish stamp is one upon our forehead.

We stand, a man against a man, in knowledge
that all of us are better, mutual, altogether a mess,
and our blood, the defeat of all of us, in slaughter,
again is only one history of the souls.

It’s terrible to say this in the ear of the hubris,
But very happily for the happiness of the desperate,
That all of us are same in our evil and our joy,
and the onus of our fate rests upon our chest.

I am in some foreigner somewhere, and up on the star
far away, allocate, and here in one strain,
in the flower extinguished, cracked in the world that rides,
but when will I actually be there in my essence?

Because I am still myself, stubborn and when I’m gone,
I am a spike from the top sacrificed in the crowd,
Oh universe! I live and die in everyone!
I namelessly rest in my brothers.

The last one is translated by me. Hope you enjoyed him. 🙂

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