March for science/Marš za znanost

A few days ago a march was held with the purpose of supporting the science based thinking and ‘making decisions based on facts’. A world march for science, how it’s called. In the principle, I think that’s a good thing, I support science and scientific reasoning, to be more precise, I think that’s the only […]

Two black man a week, documentary

A 45 minutes long documentary which shows in a simple way the fact of racism towards black man that is still strong in the US, and nicely portrays the circumstances under which police is being trained to be aggressive, and in it’s end in an interview with the former cop demonstrates the discrimination and harassment […]

New ageri i Scijentisti

Ima jedna tema o kojoj se nakanjivan pisat ima nekoliko… Rasijan san jer već nekoliko dana loše spavan, pa ne znan koliko ću uspit bit koherentan, al et. U životu naletiš na razne ljude, i, mada je svak individua za se, mogu se svrstat neke grupacije. Tako neke grupacije moš svrstat u neke malo veće […]

We / Mi

We have a saying in my country ‘You are alike the people you hang out with’. It’s more than just a saying. You absorb the emotions, behavior, perspective of other people. My biggest problem at the moment is that I don’t have enough of people with who I really wanna hang out with. And that […]